About Us

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. has a full time, northern staff of professional surveyors, engineers, technologists and technicians with a wide array of surveying education and experience.  We maintain an office in Yellowknife and work throughout Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. understands and thrives on the challenge of working in this tough, remote environment.  Our team has safely and efficiently worked all over the north in all seasons and conditions on a variety of projects.

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. is constantly evolving our technical knowledge base and increasing our services to the North.  Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. own and operate state-of-the-art surveying hardware and software to meet the accuracy and technical requirement of our clients.


Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. actively upholds our commitment to a safe workplace as a member of the Northern Safety Association (NSA) with a Certificate of Recognition (COR). Whether our employees are working independently or a part of an integrated team we are involved in all aspects of workplace safety.


  NWT & Nunavut Construction Association

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. is an active member of the NWT & Nunavut Construction Association which is a non-profit organization, established in 1976, to represent, promote and serve the construction industry in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. is an active member of the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines which has been an advocate of Northern mining and exploration industry since 1967. The Chambers primary objective is to stimulate, encourage and assist the environmentally, orderly prosperous and responsible development and growth of mineral and mining exploration in the NWT and Nunavut.

Association of Canada Lands Surveyors

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd., as well as its team of professionals, are certified members of the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS).

The ACLS is a non governmental, not-for-profit organization that governs its members expertise in the field of cadastral (legal or boundary) surveying. The ACLS is the eleventh and only surveying association that governs “Canada Lands”, and was established to maintain up to date national standards, qualifications, ethics and association governance.

Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. is an active member of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce whose mission is to be the leader in development and improvement with sustainable growth and diversified economy to ensure a strong business community in Yellowknife. 


Profesional Surveyors of Canada

Ollerhead & Associates Ltd. is a member of the Professional Surveyors of Canada which is a member-focused organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the Members. Professional Surveyors Canada is dedicated to enabling and building a strong multi-faceted community of surveying professionals committed to excellence. 


Ollerhead & Associates Ltd., along with our Professionals, are licensed through the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG).

NAPEG licenses and regulates Professional Engineers, Professional Geoscientists and Firms practicing in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, to serve and protect the interest of the public.

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